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RV Camping Must-Haves for Your Next Trip

Establishing your camping gear list can be daunting because you need to ensure you bring along everything necessary for an enjoyable camping trip while at the same time avoiding overpacking.

Camping can be an enjoyable way to connect with nature while finding peace in yourself. But make sure that you bring along everything necessary! Camping requires specific equipment.

The key is to search for items with multiple uses, like this stuff sack/pillow combination: by day it serves as a waterproof gear bag; at night, it converts into an inviting fleece pillow!

Coolers, Sleeping Pads, and Bug Sprays, Oh My!

An excellent cooler can help ensure that food remains fresh throughout your camping trip, as well as being used to store beverages and snacks.

Deet-free bug sprays can keep insects at bay when hiking, setting up camp, and cooking; wearable mosquito head nets may work even better.

Sleeping pads are essential for comfort on any campsite floor. Inflatable versions raise you off the ground while foam pads offer greater portability and lightweight convenience.


A sturdy tarp will protect your outdoor space from rain and sun, keeping your gear dry and helping prevent water damage.

Selecting the suitable tarp size depends on both group size and camping style. For car camping trips, a larger 10’x12′ tarp should provide ample protection and comfort.

When backpacking, opt for lightweight yet durable polyester tarps to keep yourself covered.

Camp Stove

No matter if you’re camping solo or as part of a group, having the appropriate camp stove is essential to preparing gourmet game hen.

Backpacking stoves may work for car camping trips, but their limited functionality and ineptitude during fire bans makes them inadvisable; an integrated system would be the better choice.

Propane Fire Pit

Propane fire pits provide an alternative to traditional wood campfires when fire bans are in effect, burning cleanly with minimal smoke emissions – ideal for children and people with breathing issues.

Most propane fire pits take the form of bowls that sit on the ground, with some table versions featuring hidden storage for their tank for an elegant appearance.

Portable Device Chargers

Reliable portable power is essential to camping. The BioLite charge station is perfect for this, providing two devices at once with charge while taking up minimal space in your pack.

Solar Lantern

Solar lanterns are essential when camping because they help illuminate your campsite while emitting no toxic gases into the air that could pose health hazards.

MPOWERD offers one of the top solar-powered lanterns for camping, boasting a powerful rechargeable battery that offers variable lighting modes in high or low settings and features USB charging as well as hand cranking capabilities.

High-Quality Sleeping Mat

An effective sleeping mat is essential when camping, as it will protect your body heat from being dissipated into the earth while offering support and comfort during your adventure.

Nemo offers this insulated sleep pad as a great choice for backpackers looking for both warmth and comfort in their sleeping arrangements. Featuring soft contours, three inches of padding, and an intuitive Vortex pump sack system.

Folding Table

Folding tables are essential when camping. Many tents and RVs don’t include counter space, and having one will enable you to prepare meals more efficiently while cooking without straining over your food. A quality folding table will enable you to prep meals without hunching over.

Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Waterproof shoes are essential when camping or hiking over wet terrain, keeping your feet comfy and dry. Consider getting ones with shock absorption to reduce foot fatigue as well as ones that allow thicker socks without being too restrictive.

Keen Targhee Low Waterproof hiking shoe is an ideal solution for casual hikers. With its durable exterior and sturdy construction, this versatile option can handle most terrain types with ease.

A Good Dry Bag

An essential for any camping trip involving water, dry bags are indispensable in protecting valuable items such as layers and car keys from being exposed to the elements.