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Optimize the Space in Your RV

RV living is the perfect opportunity to hit the open road and explore wide-open spaces slowly, because of its home-on-wheels nature. But let’s face it – it is a tiny space, and chances are you are sharing it with at least one other person. Sometimes it can feel quite congested and cramped, so it would be a benefit to reduce or eliminate the clutter that can easily happen in such a small space.

Here are a few ways to make your RV more spacious so you have room to breathe.


Make an Unpacking List

Join the minimalism revolution and just have…less stuff. It’s easier than you think. When you need to fit your life into 200 square feet of space, it’s essential. So start an ‘unpacking list.’ Compared to a packing list, an unpacking list is just the reverse. When you returned from your latest trip, think of the items you packed, but didn’t use. Chances are there are a few. Take inventory of items you didn’t use, then consider leaving those items off your next packing list.

If, for some reason, you absolutely need an item that you left behind, you can always purchase it en route or at your destination.


Declutter by Category

If you own an RV and already have it stocked, take some time to go through everything and meticulously put aside anything you have not used recently. Among those, ask the hard questions. Do you really need this item? If you haven’t used it in the last 2-3 trips, chances are you no longer need it. Start with kitchen items and then go area by area until you have covered the entire RV. Marie Kondo it!


Budget Space Like You Would Your Finances

You no doubt have determined a budget for how you spend your money. Do the same for the stuff in your RV. Think of it this way: you have a finite amount of money, and you also have a finite amount of space in the RV. So, every time you bring in something new, you “spend” some of your space budget. See where we’re going here? Make a point get rid of something old in your RV every time you bring something new into it. This will not only make you think in terms of ‘what goes in must come out’, but it will also make you more thoughtful about adding new items to the mix. It this new thing really needed? If not, don’t add it.


Nest or Collapse It

Saving space anywhere and everywhere you can is the goal. When shopping for items for your RV, try Googling the words “nestable” or “collapsible” in front of any item you are shopping for. You’d be surprised at the products they put out now that are ultimate space savers. You’ll be please how little room these items take up, and how much they can save you in a tight space. One example is a pop-up laundry hamper. It folds to the size of a large frisbee and yet keep your dirty clothes from getting mixed in with everything else.

Pro tip: Use rectangular storage containers for everything – food, clothes, decorations, etc. – instead of round ones. Round storage containers do not stack well next to each other and take up a lot of unused space.


Hang Caddies – Everywhere

Make use of vertical space and hang things wherever you can. These days, you can get a storage caddy for just about anywhere in your RV. These can be caddies you hang on the back of your seat, your doors, or in cupboard spaces. Hang them on hooks for extra wall storage, or even next to the RV bed as a space-saving nightstand. You can use shoe caddies for lots of things, such as lights, non-perishable food items, etc.

Follow these tips and you will create more space in your RV. The most important thing to remember is that just because you have more space, doesn’t mean you should fill it with more stuff! Having an uncluttered RV with room to live, eat, and move will help create a more relaxed space – something you and your loved ones deserve when on the road.