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With a little planning and a healthy checklist, here’s what to consider when packing for your epic family RV trip.

How to Pack for a Family RV Trip

For starters…bring toys that will keep the kids busy when RV camping with kids – pool floats, water blasters, and walkie-talkies can keep the little ones happy and engaged!

Another useful tip…bring non-perishable food options that can withstand long car rides or camping excursions, including pantry staples and canned options.

But that’s only the beginning. With a little planning and a healthy checklist, here’s what to consider when packing for your epic family RV trip.

Footwear and Clothing

No matter if it’s winter camping or a summer RV vacation, footwear will play an integral part. Choose something that wicks away sweat to keep feet comfortable. And don’t forget socks for everyone!

Shoes that can take you seamlessly from hiking to an outdoor cafe or restaurant should be an integral part of your packing plan. For pants, a nice pair of joggers look more put-together than jeans while remaining supremely comfortable.

Consider lightweight moisture-wicking tops like jogger shirts for men or women when packing a travel capsule wardrobe. Tuckable and drapeable designs like long-sleeve tops allow for easy tucking. Plus, it’s versatile enough for both formal occasions as well as everyday casual events!

For the kids, just make sure you pack enough clothes for them to account for the inevitable spill, where a change of clothes may be necessary.. When outdoors exploring can become dirty quickly, be prepared with multiple changes of clothes so everyone stays comfortable between visits to the laundromat. Their clothes don’t have to be fancy, just comfortable.

Remember, you can always use campground laundry services, if required.

Figure Out Sleeping Arrangements

Traveling in an RV requires providing each family member with their own space; this will help them unwind more easily and sleep sounder. Consider adding partitions or curtains to divide up the RV into sections for each member.

While it is impossible to keep all family routines consistent in an RV, try your best to stick to a regular bedtime and morning schedule – this will provide the kids with some sense of consistency and security they may crave.

Be ready for wet days by stocking up on books, movies, and games to keep the children busy while stuck inside an RV. They are great ways of keeping everyone out of trouble during an unexpected rainstorm!


As part of an RV trip with your family, meal preparation should be of prime importance. Make sure you pack ingredients for cooking as well as any snacks for snacking during your journey.

Batch-prepping ingredients and selecting easy recipes can make cooking in your RV much simpler. Pack non-spoilable food items such as frozen pizza, rotisserie chicken, and canned goods to maintain energy throughout your camping trip. Don’t forget graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate for nightly campfire s’mores!

RV Basics

As you pack for an RV adventure, it can be easy to overlook some essential items that make camping more comfortable – clothing and toiletries may come to mind, but don’t forget about essentials like coffee makers with filters and cooking utensils!

In addition, outdoor gear and comfort items like blankets and pillows will come in handy.

As with any trip, being fully prepared with a good first aid kit as well as cleaning products is key for an enjoyable RV journey. Don’t forget dish cradles or space-saving containers, as they will save cupboard space while protecting you against misplacing items during your travels.

Don’t Forget the Entertainment!

And we don’t mean the electronics. You can bring those, but try to limit (or do away with altogether,) your family’s screen time. You are out in nature, after all!

Instead, bring board games, card games, and supplies for outdoor activities. This can include bocce ball, crafts, corn hole, and various scavenger hunt games for playing outside. Board and card games are ideal for when the weather turns sour and you have to spend an afternoon inside the RV.