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How to Find Used RV Furniture


While living the sweet RV life might scream minimalism, it ain’t always cheap! Just ask any veteran RV owner. What we don’t buy in the way of stuff to fill a 3-bedroom home, is often times overshadowed by maintenance costs, travel costs, and a heck of a lot of gas.

And just like non-RV owners, there are areas where it’s good to reuse and recycle. Part of this is being resourceful in finding that ever-pervasive need to replace a piece of furniture in your RV. Buying new RV furniture from an RV dealer can cost a fortune. However, a limited budget does not mean you have to give up your dreams of having a gorgeous, tricked out RV.

We’ll show you how to source great used RV furniture to make your RV truly your home.


You’re probably wondering why this is first on the list. Retailers only sell new stuff, right? Wrong! If you know where to look, certain retailers also offer great deals on gently used items. These typically come from trade-ins or returns and are marked down handsomely, even if they haven’t been used a day. The best way to find these retailers is the old-fashioned way, by phone! Or email, if they have one. Peruse your local furniture retailer websites for contact information.

Online Marketplaces

Just about everything is done online nowadays, and retail eCommerce is no different. Look on websites such as eBay to find amazing deals on gently used furniture, where oftentimes, the shipping is free. eBay is also a great source to narrow your search for local items that you can either pick up or have delivered at a low price. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are also wonderful outlets for finding used furniture. Lastly, Google “used furniture near me.” You’ll be amazed at what you find.

RV Salvage Yards

This can be a used furniture goldmine. Very similar to pick-a-part yards, many times RV owners will sell their old RVs that no longer run to these yards, let people come in to browse the interiors, and sell the furniture at very low prices. While you won’t find ‘gently used’ here, you may come across that one vintage piece that with a little TLC, will be a gem. RV salvage yards are not common, which means you may need to go a little out of your way to find one. But they do exist.

DIY Your RV Furniture

Are you good with your hands? Strap on your overalls and prepare to get a little dirty! You can construct your own RV furniture from spare parts around your RV and a few supplies at the hardware store. There are a ton of YouTube videos on the subject, so get crackin! Doing it yourself is a great way to ensure your piece of furniture lives up exactly to your specifications.

Tips and Tricks When Buying Used

  • Before purchasing, make sure you have the right tools (if needed) to install the furniture in your RV
  • Visit online sites frequently. Just because you don’t see anything on a specific site the first or second time, does not mean that “diamond in the ruff” won’t turn up. Bookmark all promising sites and check them daily, or at least a few times a week. And when you see something good, grab it! Competition may be high.
  • Know your dimensions. Measure and memorize the dimensions of your space so you know exactly what will work for your RV and what won’t. Always measure every dimension at its widest point.
  • Use defects to your advantage. A few minor flaws are to be expected, and this can even be a point for price negotiation with the seller.
  • Look for good bones. If you are able to personally inspect the piece before buying, make sure it is sturdy enough for normal wear and tear. Or ask the owner for details on the condition.
  • Know your aesthetic. If you have a certain style or color scheme you want to work with, always have this in mind when shopping for your RV furniture. It will give a more cohesive look to the interior of your RV.
  • Most of all, be patient! Don’t give up on saving money for your RV furniture. If you are patient and check your sources frequently, the perfect piece is sure to turn up.