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Farm to Table Restaurants in Houston


The farm-to-table dining experience is all abuzz these days, and with good reason. Diners are demanding a more wholesome, fresh from the garden/farm meals when they dine out. No more production line, made-from-frozen ingredients that are “dressed up” with a lot of fat and calories.


Here are the best farm-to-table restaurants in Houston.


Astor Farm to Table


With a loyal local following of diners that appreciate artful presentation with flavorful choices, this South African and South American-inspired hotspot is a gem in Katy, TX. They use freshly sourced ingredients for a well-planned menu, where each and every item is thoughtfully chosen. Serving all three meals of the day, they offer traditional American fare for breakfast, but it is the Latin and South African offerings for lunch and dinner that really shine. Empanadas, regional pasta dishes, and an Argentino Beef Sandwich are usually on offer for lunch, with South African scallops, boerewors sausage, African spice burger, and several Venezuelan dishes for dinner.


Dish Society


A beautiful restaurant with a modern, industrial flair featuring an open kitchen, the popular dining spot mixes a core menu of comfort food along with rotating specials, and sources 75% of its ingredients from around the great state of Texas. The farm-to-table experience is evident in the noticeable care they take when presenting their numerous menu options. Big on local produce, the emphasis is on the super-healthy with such choices as Gouda grits for breakfast, quinoa-stuffed avocadoes for lunch, and Brussel sprout salad for dinner. They also serve green juices on the spot.




If it’s more American Southern food you’re craving, look no further than this cozy restaurant tucked neatly in the heart of the Height on 19th street. Harold’s sources its uber-fresh ingredients from more than a dozen different local suppliers, offering a seasonal menu in an upscale dining atmosphere, yet is warm and welcoming. Book a private dining room for that romantic evening or family gathering, or opt for the cozy terrace or spacious dining area upstairs. Among the must-try dishes are locally produced Southern Fried Chicken and the local Gulf seafood.




Experience a multi-sensory dining prix-fix event, taking you on a unique culinary art journey. Delivering a custom atmosphere for each course, this farm-to-table restaurant is good at incorporating modern technology, familiar scents, and dynamic artwork which tell a captivating story about each of their offerings. Eculent’s cuisine is made with contemporary methods and the freshest of ingredients, many of which are perfected in the restaurant’s well-equipped food lab. These guys don’t mess around. Each course from Chef Skinner’s kitchen is presented with high-level talent and innovation.


Fielding’s Local Kitchen + Bar


With an inviting open kitchen, diners will love the atmosphere of this restaurant featuring energy-efficient, repurposed, and eco-friendly materials. This paired with cuisine made fresh from locally sourced ingredients make for an upscale casual dining environment. They source from 40 farms around the region, and their meat is processed within the facility to ensure its quality and freshness. Kick back, relax, and savor their almost overwhelming selection of 200 spirits, 250 wines, and handmade cocktails made by talented mixologists. Among the favorite dishes are dry-aged steaks and open-flame pizza.


Local Foods


With several locations around the Houston area, there’s no excuse not to come to this restaurant that consistently hits the list of best farm-to-table Houston dining spots. Local Foods is a family-owned local chain committed to serving healthy, tasty options, such as made-to-order sandwiches, salads, and meals made with ingredients sourced only from local farmers. Their ever-changing seasonal menu based on availability will suit your dynamic foodie cravings.