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Campers Share How Camping Has Changed Their Lives

More folks than ever before are shunning the status quo and taking to a life of camping. Whether it’s for every vacation, as a lifestyle during the warmer months, or going at it full time in an RV, the joy of camping is something everyone can get on board with.

In many ways, it can quite literally change your life. But it doesn’t happen overnight. Over time, you’ll notice some big changes, positive ones that give you a different perspective on how to live your life. Perhaps you’ll appreciate early morning a bit more. Or take on a new hobby, such as hiking or astronomy.

Feeling inspired? Here are some ways camping has changed the lives of others.


You Come to Appreciate Your Own Backyard

By that we mean your immediate area or the entire state in which you live. During the pandemic, millions of people have discovered beauty in natural areas very near where they live they didn’t even know existed. It’s just a matter of getting out there and exploring.


It Strengthens Relationships

If you’ve heard of the saying, “don’t marry a person until you’ve camped with them” then you already know what this is about. Traveling and being in close quarters for any length of time with another person is a surefire way to find out if you’re compatible!

It can also make or break a relationship. We like to think it strengthens relationships more than weakens them. When you are out in the elements and you’re setting up a tent together or navigating a trail, you learn a lot about each other that you wouldn’t learn watching Netflix together at home.


In Can Inspire You to Quit Your Desk Job

We don’t mean just up and quit without notice. That would be irresponsible. What we mean is that camping for many has become a full-time lifestyle, and they have found ways to make a living while being on the road. This is another, mostly fortunate effect of the pandemic. Legions of people no longer work in an office and have either been forced or voluntarily made the leap to work from their laptops. You can do this anywhere with an internet connection! And most resort campgrounds these days have hi-speed connections.


It Gets Your Teenager Talking

Those of us who are raising kids know that the teenage years can be the most tumultuous. With hormones raging and life-changing events happening during this time, your teenager can often be remote and distant. Getting them out camping gives them an opportunity to get excited about nature and the attractions it offers. They may seem more human to you again and prompts some really good conversations where you can bond with them.


It Makes Exploring Affordable

Instead of planning a vacation to a big city where things are expensive all around, camping affords the opportunity to roam the country freely and spend the night at affordable campgrounds. Exploring nature and cooking your own meals costs a lot less than taking a fancy tour and eating out at restaurants three times a day, which can add up quickly and considerably.

Instead of expensive city tours or amusement parks, opt for getting a National Park Pass, which allows you access to all of our nation’s National Parks for one affordable price. Sure, you may decide to pay for other attractions along the way, but camping is a wonderful way to keep costs down.


Camping Makes You More Self-Reliant

Without the creature comforts of home, camping enables you to learn how to set up your own shelter, start your own fire, tie your own knots…the list goes on. For RV campers, you learn how to operate and maintain your tiny home on wheels. You’ll gain skills you’ll never learn otherwise. Such as how to navigate your way through a forested trail, how to use a solar-powered generator, and so much more.


Camping Help You De-Stress

Everyone needs an outlet from the hectic pace of our day-to-day lives, and camping provides just that. It’s a chance to spend time in a different setting in an area of peace and calm that nothing else quite provides. There’s nothing like waking up in the morning in your tent, cabin, or RV, making your favorite morning drink, and just sitting outside watching nature, whether it be trees, a lake, or ocean. Here you get to plan your day exactly how you want.


That, in itself, can be life-changing.