Medical Center RV Resort

Thank You for Your Reservation, We Look Forward to Hosting You!

Quiet, Safe & Accessible

We are the closest RV park to the Houston Med Center, only minutes away from world renowned medical facilities such as MD Anderson and Texas Children’s Hospital. We provide complimentary shuttle service to and from the Med Center throughout the day. We are in a quiet part of town right next to the Wildcat Golf Club.

Texas Hospitality

Many of our guests are Med Center patients, patient’s families, and medical professionals. We understand those guests are often here to face difficult medical treatments. Our staff strives to ensure that each guest feels like they are in a caring, friendly environment, and our complimentary shuttle enables guests to easily go to and from appointments.

Gated & Secure

Medical Center RV Resort is a gated community. We provide nightly courtesy patrols to ensure that our guests feel safe and secure while they stay with us. Our staff lives here on-site and works to keep the park safe, secure and well-maintained. This is our home, and we want you to feel safe while you’re our guest.

We Look Forward to Meeting You!