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Best Outdoor Dining in Houston

South Texas has the perfect spring weather for outdoor dining, and Houston boasts a pretty solid patio season. After a winter of being cooped up, doesn’t it sound nice to try some great restaurants and dine outdoors? There is patio dining in places all over the city that offers a vibe for everyone. So whether … Continued

The Best Coffee in Houston

Need a pick me up? For some of us, the perfect cup of caffeine-laden heaven is essential to start the day. Houston has plenty of great coffee houses scattered all over for people to re-energize, with perhaps a freshly baked scone or breakfast burrito thrown in the mix. So when you want to venture out … Continued

RV Fire Safety Tips and Advice

It’s not something we as RV owners want to think about, but knowing about fire safety goes a long way in protecting you and your loved ones. According to the National Fire Protection Association, every year, about 6,000 fires happen in an RV, most commonly in the kitchen, engine or wheel area. Taking simple precautions … Continued

Get Ready for Fabulous February ’22 with Huge Events in Houston

  This coming February and into March is a big month for RV campers and enthusiasts. With two events, you won’t want to miss either one of them!   Houston RV Show 2022 – February 9 – 12 at NRG Center   Now the largest RV Show in Texas, participants can view hundreds of the … Continued

Farm to Table Restaurants in Houston

  The farm-to-table dining experience is all abuzz these days, and with good reason. Diners are demanding a more wholesome, fresh from the garden/farm meals when they dine out. No more production line, made-from-frozen ingredients that are “dressed up” with a lot of fat and calories.   Here are the best farm-to-table restaurants in Houston. … Continued

A City Built on Healthcare: The History of the Texas Medical Center

  The vast network of medical facilities in Houston can be traced back to one visionary businessman, Monroe D. Anderson. At the turn of the 20th century, Anderson, a banker and cotton trader from Jackson, Tennessee, founded a cotton company. He and his brother-in-law nurtured it to become a successful venture, eventually becoming the world’s … Continued

Great Markets Around Houston

  Houston is a mecca for foodies. With a diverse culture steeped in gastronomy and easy access to local growers and farmers, the city is a paradise for those who appreciate fresh foods. We will highlight the very best places where you can go to find fresh ingredients for everything from fried okra to sushi. … Continued

The Best Wine Bars in Houston

  If you’re a lover of the freshly fermented grape, look no further than the cosmopolitan city of Houston to indulge your oenophilia with these great wine bars.   We’ve gathered both traditional and new wine bars in Houston, offering a good variety of tastings. Here’s where to swirl, sniff, and sip the best wine … Continued

Best Brunch Spots in Houston, Texas

Whomever invented the concept of the brunch was genius. It is the classic weekend pastime where family and friends congregate and enjoy the best food available. Here in Texas, we celebrate this tradition no-holds-barred. Here are the best brunch restaurants in Houston, Texas and all are within a short, 15-minute drive from Medical Center RV … Continued

Best Golf Courses in Houston

The Houston area is loaded with top rated courses, primed and ready to help you improve or maintain your golf game. We have gathered a list of the best golf courses in Houston. Our picks are based on unbiased golf reviews from several sources, as well as ratings of all Houston courses, be they public, … Continued