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Best Tips to Extend RV Battery Life

With some basic care and maintenance, extending the life of the batteries in your RV is an easy task. RV expert Mark Polk tells you just what to do to get the most out of your lead acid batteries. Follow his tips below. Deep cycle lead batteries should last for six or more years with … Continued

Prepare Your RV for Winter Storage

  While more RV enthusiasts are beginning to travel year-round, there will be times when you’ll opt for storing your RV during the cooler months. As you may well know, the process of storing your RV is a bit more complicated than simply parking it in your driveway or finding an RV storage unit. After … Continued

How to Make the Best Mac and Cheese

  Good ol’ mac ‘n cheese – the ultimate comfort food for kids and adults alike. And who knew? It makes for a great camping meal, as well. Mac ‘n cheese is just one of those meals (and yes, it’s a full meal) that no matter how old you are, you still appreciate it. Why? … Continued

Tried and Tested Tips for Selling Your RV

Perhaps the toughest part of selling your RV is the feeling of parting with the “home” in which you’ve made so many memories on the road. But for many, the process of getting it ready, pricing the RV, listing it, showing it, and selling to the right buyer can seem overwhelming. But it certainly doesn’t … Continued

Campers Share How Camping Has Changed Their Lives

More folks than ever before are shunning the status quo and taking to a life of camping. Whether it’s for every vacation, as a lifestyle during the warmer months, or going at it full time in an RV, the joy of camping is something everyone can get on board with. In many ways, it can … Continued

Why You Should Come to Houston, Texas

  As one of the country’s largest cities (#4, in fact!), Houston is abuzz with eclectic dining, a ton of history, and exciting adventures. But it’s also great to get away from big city life, which is why Pearland RV is the perfect mix of small town friendliness with the cultural draw of a large … Continued

Houston Area Activities, Food, and Events Summer 2022

If you’re looking for things to do this summer in Houston, you have a dizzying array of options. We’re here to make sure your head doesn’t swim and have narrowed down the best of the best.   What to Do in Houston This Summer Buffalo Bayou Park. Just 11 miles north of Medical Center RV … Continued

7 Awesome Camping Recipes for When You Don’t Want to Cook

If cooking ain’t your thing – we feel you! Why can’t food just come pre-prepared all the time? That’s what takeout is for, but that can get expensive. Not to worry, with a little prep and planning, you can whip up delicious snacks and simple meals with very little effort. The key is to plan … Continued

3 Sweet Desserts Made for RV Camping

  After a long day of camping and exploring the area, sometimes all you need is to satisfy your sweet tooth. There are so many creative and fun desserts to try that go way beyond the classic s’mores. These are our favorites. And don’t forget, a healthy dollop of vanilla ice cream will compliment any … Continued

How to Find Used RV Furniture

  While living the sweet RV life might scream minimalism, it ain’t always cheap! Just ask any veteran RV owner. What we don’t buy in the way of stuff to fill a 3-bedroom home, is often times overshadowed by maintenance costs, travel costs, and a heck of a lot of gas. And just like non-RV … Continued