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7 Tips for Traveling Solo in an RV

Traveling alone by RV is an incredible opportunity to see more of the world while expanding your horizons, both personally and intellectually. Equally, you’ll want to take proper precautions in order to travel solo in an RV. Here are a few helpful hints and tips when traveling solo in an RV: Don’t be afraid RVing … Continued

Benefits of Full-Time RV Living

Full-time RVers enjoy a life that is both rewarding and refreshing, getting to experience life unencumbered. From watching mountains roll by, to hearing ocean waves crash into shoreline. Flight delays, traffic congestion, and hotel check-in and check-out times won’t be an issue either, giving you more freedom and saving money on living expenses. Fewer Material … Continued

How to Pack for a Family RV Trip

For starters…bring toys that will keep the kids busy when RV camping with kids – pool floats, water blasters, and walkie-talkies can keep the little ones happy and engaged! Another useful tip…bring non-perishable food options that can withstand long car rides or camping excursions, including pantry staples and canned options. But that’s only the beginning. … Continued

5 Great Podcasts for RV Travelers

Podcasts have become all the rage – they are quickly taking over talk radio – whatever, your interest, you will likely find a podcast that fits the bill. For the RV world, there’s plenty to choose from. Here are the RV podcasts we can’t stop listening to. RV Miles Podcast This podcast chronicles the adventures … Continued

Tips for Financing an RV

Investing in an RV is a significant decision, so you’ll want to find the most advantageous financing. Since interest rates on RV loans tend to be higher than home loan rates, do your research and find the most competitive deals before finalizing your purchase. Establish Your Budget and Save for a Down Payment Before shopping … Continued

How to Avoid RV Buying Mistakes

  Buying your first RV is a memorable experience. It’s a great way to have the freedom to roam the country while also enjoying the luxuries of home and travel as far as you want. But before you commit to a purchase, there are several mistakes that you should be aware of. These RV buying … Continued

Optimize the Space in Your RV

RV living is the perfect opportunity to hit the open road and explore wide-open spaces slowly, because of its home-on-wheels nature. But let’s face it – it is a tiny space, and chances are you are sharing it with at least one other person. Sometimes it can feel quite congested and cramped, so it would … Continued

Having an Extended RV Stay? Do These RV Checks

If you are on (or are planning to take) an extended RV stay, be sure to keep these important tips in mind to keep your rig in tip-top condition while it stays parked for an extended period, whether at a resort or at a campground. Normally, when you plan an RV trip, you do a … Continued

Best Tips to Extend RV Battery Life

With some basic care and maintenance, extending the life of the batteries in your RV is an easy task. RV expert Mark Polk tells you just what to do to get the most out of your lead acid batteries. Follow his tips below. Deep cycle lead batteries should last for six or more years with … Continued

Prepare Your RV for Winter Storage

  While more RV enthusiasts are beginning to travel year-round, there will be times when you’ll opt for storing your RV during the cooler months. As you may well know, the process of storing your RV is a bit more complicated than simply parking it in your driveway or finding an RV storage unit. After … Continued