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5 Great Podcasts for RV Travelers

Podcasts have become all the rage – they are quickly taking over talk radio – whatever, your interest, you will likely find a podcast that fits the bill. For the RV world, there’s plenty to choose from. Here are the RV podcasts we can’t stop listening to.

RV Miles Podcast

This podcast chronicles the adventures of full-time RVers Jason and Abby Epperson. Their travels take them across America’s lesser-known national parks in a warm, friendly manner that will have you feeling like old friends are accompanying you on your trip.

RVers spend long days on the road, so this podcast can be an engaging way to pass the time. They cover topics ranging from safety inspections and repairs, upgrades, to family travel stories – as well as their humorous chemistry and entertaining banter that keeps every episode fun -providing some helpful tidbits with every episode!

The RV Atlas

This weekly podcast covers everything RV-related, from interviews with veteran RVers and tips for beginners, to hot new products and travel destinations – this podcast covers it all – it even comes as a free download on Apple devices!

Stephanie and Jeremy Puglisi, RV full-timers themselves, offer this informative podcast covering every facet of RV life. Their professional yet approachable sound makes listening easy; start off by checking out their episode about traveling with children.

This podcast follows a family’s travels across all 50 US national parks. Their hosts’ engaging, personal tone will put you right there with them; be sure to listen out for their episode on Congaree National Park!

RV Navigator

This podcast showcases RV industry experts and guests as they offer their perspectives on all things related to RVing. The show uses prerecorded intros as well as “roving reporters” who contribute from the road.

Mike and Jennifer Wendlend host this weekly RV travel podcast which explores various RV destinations. Their focus is mainly on smaller rigs like their Roadtrek Class B while sharing helpful advice with listeners who may also be experiencing RV life themselves.

This podcast profiles nomadic entrepreneurs who run their businesses from the road. Each episode offers listeners insight and inspiration for their own journey.

Happy Camper Radio

Happy Camper Radio is an excellent podcast that blends education with entertainment. Covering topics ranging from RV tips and tricks to national park highlights, this show is ideal for anyone new to RV lifestyle or interested in discovering more.

This podcast is hosted by a married couple traveling in their RV with three sons, discussing all aspects of RV life as they go and speaking to nomadic entrepreneurs who have built businesses to support their travels. It features a family that shares entertaining RV tales and useful advice for novice RV drivers. They also discuss their experiences traveling across America in their RV.

Super Good Camping Podcast

The Super Good Camping Podcast is an invaluable resource for RV enthusiasts. Featuring interviews with experts and tips on different topics related to camping or travel, this show can provide insight into boondocking as well as locations outside traditional campgrounds where campers can stay.

This podcast follows a former journalist and his wife as they travel the country in their Roadtrek Class B motorhome. With their passion for small living and love of national parks, their episodes explore both topics.

A couple of honorable mentions…

Rocking the RV Life is a weekly podcast dedicated to full-time RV living, featuring stories and valuable advice from former top morning radio DJ Jeff Kinzbach and his wife Patti Kinzbach, two veteran RVers themselves.

Parklandia follows a couple as they travel through America’s national parks. Additionally, listen in on interviews with special guests as well. You can find them on Apple Podcasts.